Secret Weapons to Surprise and Outgun Your Opponents

50 Ways to Score
More Tries

A single, simple, well-executed move can turn a game.

But do you know the right moves to pick?

Buy my unique manual of try-scoring tactics and ways to coach them and I guarantee your team will have solid and dependable firepower from set pieces.

Owning this resource will provide you with the material to make it easy to allocate training time to backs plays.

All Black Runaround and Suicide (just two of the moves in the manual) will become second nature to your team, along with Welsh Option, Double Switch, Lomu, Bath, Aussie Loop and many more.


They will be your secret weapons to unleash at critical moments to surprise and outgun your opponents.

You will clinch matches that you otherwise would have lost and as a result you will consistently improve your track record.

Based on years of
personal research


I'm Dan Cottrell, the author of 50 Great Backs Moves, created as the result of years of my own personal research and video analysis.

I'm also the editor of Better Rugby Coaching, the weekly rugby coaching email that you receive.

I was the UK's number 2 try scorer during the 91-92 season, with 31 first class tries.

I've played on the wing or full back for Exeter University 1st XV, Clifton Rugby Club, English Universities, South West Division, Bath, Gloucestershire, Bristol, Public School Wanderers and Surrey.

I dream moves for backs

I started analysing backs plays when I was 19. I have either scored, coached or seen a try scored from every one of those featured in my manual.

For instance, "Exeter" is a move I first used as a student back in 1987, in a game against the Marines. We ran the move from the halfway line and I was the lucky winger to receive the ball. I shot through the gap before lining up their full back. It was a simple 2 v 1 and our own full back happily accepted my easy scoring pass.

We played with some trepidation that day because the Marines are literally, muscles wise, very hard. As willowy students, we were generally wary of getting too close to contact. However Exeter is best performed close to contact, which certainly added something to the thrill of success.

Now you too can get your team scoring tries using Exeter. Click here to download a free copy of the move from the new edition of 50 Great Backs Moves.

Click here to download "Exeter"

50 Great Backs Moves is designed to use over and over again, ensuring great value for money.

Because it is so easy to use, this is a training aid that delivers on the field and definitely won't stay on your shelf.

Each move is clearly displayed and explained in words and with three pictures, taking you through the play from set up to execution.

The Move Finder guide allows you to select a move that suits the strengths of your team, targets a weakness in the opposition, or exploits the particular circumstances of the match.

Click here to download the Move Finder

There are moves to play your team back into a game they are losing, attack weak individual opponents, use a strong number 12 or 13, or score from certain areas of the pitch.

You can even use the manual to identify ways to overcome an opponent's blitz or drift defensive system.

All the moves are divided into easy, medium and advanced for easy reference and selection – you just have to use the ones that best suit your players.


For example, you could choose move 5 - RANGY 15 - to bring your big 15 into the line to score under the posts. It's a great move against a drift defence, particularly when you're right in the middle of their 22.

Or the medium difficulty move 36 - LOMU - to exploit their weaker number 12, particularly if 10 is your best ball player.

Alternatively, you could apply advanced difficulty move 46 - ENGLAND LOOP - which enables you to make the most of a strong blindside winger.

Every coach will find the "perfect" moves for their team - whatever their level - in 50 Great Backs Moves.

Each move is set out in a user-friendly full-page A4 page format and takes up the entire page, split into manageable sections.

There are now 3 clear diagrams with each move, showing the movements of the ball and players, positions, dummy passes and runs, before and during the play.

In simple language, 50 Great Backs Moves explains who does what, and highlights common mistakes that are made.

The commentary tells you when it is good to use a move, and things for the players to think about at training and during a game.

You can print or photocopy as many copies of each move as you like and give them to your players on the training ground.

Players can study the nuts and bolts on paper, increasing their understanding before putting the theory into practice.

There's even a Player Sheet Template for your players to complete with your guidance, to remind them throughout the season of their roles and responsibilities in team moves.

There's no need to save the copies - keep the manual on your PC desktop and just print off more next time you practice the move (restricted to use within a single organisation).

You can print off a different move for each training session.

Whether you have been coaching a professional side for years or a group of beginners for a term, just a little extra effort in planning your backs moves can reap dividends.

50 Great Backs Moves tells you where to apply that effort.

The 64 page manual includes a full explanation of all the terms used to explain the moves, including "crash ball", "dummy switch", "flat ball", and "running a triangle".

10-12 SWITCH (S1)

12-13 SWITCH (S2)
MISS 12 (M1)
MISS 13 (M2)
10 LOOP (L1)
MISS 13–15 (M4)

Think you know these moves already?

You may do, but research has shown that even the most common moves can yield little if they are not executed in the best way.

Not only does 50 Great Backs Moves revisit the principles, but it also shows you how to subtly change a move to enhance its try-scoring ability. Remember, all these moves have scored tries.

The proof of any pudding is in the eating, so rather than me tell you why you should own this manual, I'd prefer to let those who have used it tell you how they have benefited.

"I'm almost frightened to give 50 Great Backs Moves a recommendation because it is superb and a great aid for any coach, but if other coaches use it they'll have all the advantages this book gives you at their disposal. A great book, but let's keep it to ourselves!"
    - Garry Usher, 1st XV Coach, Westcliff RUFC, Essex, England

"I was coaching 2nd grade for two years, made semi final both years but didn't make the grand final. I decided I needed more help in finding ways to score more tries, then came 50 GREAT BACKS MOVES. It was easy to implement because of it's simplicity. The layout of the manual is outstanding, it makes so much sense. We finished the year with best for and against thanks to these great moves and WON THE GRAND FINAL. Thanks Dan."
    - Ka
s Kafoa, Hawkesbury Valley Rugby Club, Windsor, NSW, Australia

"We used Dan's 50 Great Backs Moves in our recent Sunshine Coast Under 17's Rep Sides Gold Coast Rugby Tournament and Brisbane Tens Festival and the proof is in the pudding when we won the open Blue Division beating "Glenstall Abbey" from Ireland in the final after knocking out teams from Singapore and others from New Zealand. It was great to have a lot of pre-planned information that the guys could see and understand. Thanks Dan, keep the great information coming."
    - David M. Mclean JP, Coach, Under 17s Development Squad,
Sunshine Coast Breakers Junior Rugby Union, Sunshine Coast, Australia

"We have used some of these back moves in our season so far with excellent results. From 3 games we have managed to score 20 tries, including some very slick backline tries from set piece moves, so something must be working alright."
    - Tony King, Bedok Kings RFC, Singapore

"50 Great Backs Moves has been used extensively in our training sessions at Wensleydale Rugby Club – the results have been brilliant especially in the junior section where they have been used on weekly coaching sessions, easy to use and understand and brilliant to follow. Well worth a try."
    - Jim McRobert, Coach Co-ordinator, Wensleydale RUFC, England

"Dan Cottrell's 50 Great Backs Moves has helped our club to triple its try count. It has brought enjoyment to our backplay both in taking part and watching."
    - Kevin Furey, Coach Co-ordinator, Unidare RFC, Dublin, Ireland

"Newcastle University has benefited greatly from the 50 Great Backs Moves report in season 2005. The moves have been shared from First grade to Fourth Grade including Under 20s and the Women's team, and with inspiration from these moves, the University has had it's most successful year in more than a decade with four of its six teams finishing in finals contention, with the other two teams just missing out. I would recommend 50 Great Backs Moves to any coach looking for that extra edge."
    - Matt Johnston, Football Manager, University of Newcastle Rugby Club, Australia

"Coaching 10 and 11 year old boys requires a simple and clear approach. 50 Great Backs Moves provides the opportunity to pick the one or two moves that the boys can cope with at their level of development, and have them set out in the clearest and simplest of terms. The boys get a huge amount of pleasure and excitement from being able to apply the moves in their matches, and as coaches we get a lot of credit for "coming up with the ideas."
    - Patrick Cook, U10s Coach, Winscombe RFC, England

"I could not be happier with this purchase" – T. Scott Adamson

"I love it" – Nancy Kechner

"An excellent resource" – John Sherratt

"People have commented on how good the backs look" – Cameron Wall

"A must for any coach" - Adrian Curran

"50 Great Back Moves contains both simple and complex moves which enable a coach to introduce a level of complexity consistent with the age group or skill level. I have used some of the basic moves for our Under 9s and will use the more elaborate moves after the backs learn to execute these moves well. The moves can be used for all age groups from Under 9s to seniors."
    - Philip Crotty, Director Mini Rugby, Valley Fort RFC, Hong Kong

"As a long time amateur player and coach, we often have to get our information handed down from the "old rugby sage" to the next generation....AND MOST TIMES IT IS AT THE BAR AFTER THE GAME! With special reports like Dan Cottrell's 50 Great Backs Moves, I have been able to teach rugby at a higher level which allows my athletes to make decisions and follow through on the field and now really play the sport of rugby."
    - Bob Weir, Wilmington RFC, Delaware, USA

"I found the package of 50 Great Backs Moves very useful in my everyday coaching. Very well laid out and user friendly. Very handy to give individual sheets to the players for easy reference."
    - Kevin Jones, Toronto Saracens RFC, Ontario, Canada

"Has helped me enormously" – Tony Todd

"Well illustrated and an excellent coaching resource" – John Green

"It has been very useful and I would recommend it as a useful tool in any coaches tool kit."
    - Tony Abel, Lannepax, France

"I found the report and the technical rugby information very informative and have used many of the suggestions in my training sessions. The 50 Great Backs Moves is well documented and easy to use and the range of moves and difficulty is very useful in progressing players technical ability. Keep the info coming."
    - Gary Dreyer, Associates Rugby Club, Australia

"With the move up to U13 level and full size pitches we felt it was time to develop some new attacking options for our backs. 50 Great Backs Moves is ideal for this and we are looking forward to trying them out in the new season."
    - Mark Wells, U13 Manager, Paviors RFC, Nottingham, England

"I found this invaluable - clear sound ideas well explained - gave the kids loads of options - buy it."
    - N Larcombe-Williams, Tavistock U14s, England

"50 Great Backs Moves has been very important, giving a lot of good new ideas, in an easy way to understand! Now I can use lots of variations, according to any situation!"
    - Fran Locoselli, Pasteur Athletic Club, São Paulo, Brazil

"I have found the 50 Great Backs Moves to be a very interesting coaching armoury for myself. I have been mostly involved with forwards coaching but now with the help of the 50 Great Backs Moves I can now easily select a move according to the skills of the players that I have and where and when to do them. The moves are very easy to follow and are very precisely explained."
    - Feao Vakata, Tonga Rugby Union, Honolulu, USA

"Coaching the Harrow School Under 15s, the moves have given our backs various different options giving the team exciting back play. The moves are easy to follow and effective. I look forward to using it as the backbone of my teams attacking play this season."
    - Ramsay Kinghorn, Harrow School, London, England

"An excellent resource. I particularly like the "Good if…" and "Best from…" sections."
    - David Adkins, Dulwich College Prep and Beccehamian RFC, England

"50 Great Backs Moves provides some great fundamental rugby in a very straight forward fashion. It provides insight into the game both at a college and senior men's level. The first time players embrace the format and pick up the concepts quickly through this guide."
    - Michael Freker, North Jersey Rugby, USA

"Wanted to thank you for your 50 Great Back Moves. It is simple enough to employ at a very young level and sophisticated enough for us to aspire to. Simple language and well illustrated. Thanks again."
    - Curt Huckaby, Arkansas State University Men's Coach, USA

The proper execution of moves is everything, as my friend Tony Swift, the scorer of a record 411 first class tries for England, Barbarians, Bath, Swansea and Fylde points out in the foreword to the report.

50 Great Backs Moves doesn't just show you the moves but explains how to coach them and use them.

Order the report now and:

  • Learn how, why and when to coach these moves
  • Find out where your backs are going wrong
  • Trigger an extra coaching effort in the backs department
  • Subtly change moves to enhance their try-scoring ability
  • Make the players feel good about themselves
  • Help your team to score more tries and win more matches!

So what are you waiting for? I'm convinced that 50 Great Backs Moves will give you the tools you need for significantly better performance on the pitch.

Buy this report now – your players will thank you.

With best wishes

Yours in rugby

Dan Cottrell,
Head Coach, Rugby Coach Weekly

P.S. If your season is coming to an end, buy now and spend the off-season studying these moves. If your season is just starting, then you need 50 Great Backs Moves right away.

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