A DVD guide to coaching the
basics of contact rugby

Dear Coach,

Rugby is a physical game and many will agree that's one of the best bits about it!

But it's easy to forget as kids most of us did not relish the big hits and were scared of getting hurt. How you get players used to physical confrontation and tackling in particular is vital for their future in the game.

Confidence in the physical part of the game has to be built up over time in a safe and fun environment.

If players get hurt because they go into a tackle with a bad body position, that can ruin their confidence for a long time to come. They may not even want to come back!

If that happens then you, as their coach, have failed them.

The Contact Academy is my DVD to help coaches of players aged eight to ten who are faced with full contact rugby for the first time.

In my DVD you will find the easiest ways I know to teach contact rugby and they're proven to work. I've gone through the trial and error so you don't have to!

I'll save you time and help make training sessions more enjoyable for the players and for you.

You will also be fulfilling a primary role of a coach... giving your players the know-how to fullfil their potential in the great game of rugby.

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20 years of coaching advice...

I've written about and coached rugby for over 20 years. My coaching credentials include the Young Ospreys, the Welsh Women and Cranleigh School where I was in charge of 16 teams!

As I discuss each of the games in my The Contact Academy DVD, I will also give you bits of advice I've learned through my coaching career. For example, it's tempting as a coach to keep talking to your players during a practice, but your words will have far more impact if you only give key information.

It is also important to get the kids to think for themselves to help the decision making on the field. So, when a mistake is made, instead of saying, “you should have done this...” why not ask them, “what would you do differently?”

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The Contact Academy DVD details:

Running time: 55 minutes

Format: 16:9 PAL

Region: Playable worldwide

Coaching age: 8 - 10 year olds

What it covers: contact drills, coaching points, technique tips, safety guidelines, presentation ideas, skills emphasis, practise structures.


- Head coach

Dan Cottrell has spent most of his adult life collecting and absorbing the most useful rugby coaching secrets he can find.

Dan is currently working as a practising RFU level 3 coach. He has taught the Young Ospreys and coached the Welsh Women team at the last Women's World Cup. He was also Head of Rugby at Cranleigh School in Surrey, England, with responsibility for 16 teams.

He played rugby for Bath under coaches Jack Rowell and Brian Ashton. In the 1991/92 season he was the UK's second leading try scorer.

What you get in The Contact Academy are the most successful ways in which I've taught players to relish the buzz of making a great tackle in a safe training ground environment, which can then be replicated in a match.

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Contact Rugby gives you everything you need to introduce youngsters to tackling and full contact rugby. If covers all the following:

  • Preparing for contact
  • Coaching pointers and what to call out
  • Technique tips
  • Safety guidelines
  • Presentation ideas
  • Skills based games
  • Handling under pressure
  • Basics for uncontested scrums at junior level
  • Walking rugby drills
  • Introduction to the maul
  • The ruck
  • Improving the tackle
  • Body drive
  • Claiming the ball on the ground


You will notice that many of the games in the DVD require intensity. Intense games keep players focussed and concentrating on the game or drill you're working on. What's more, the intensity I create in the games replicates the pressures of a game so players will be able to make those tackles in the hurly burly of a match when it really counts.

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The DVD covers the most vital areas of contact including:


Probably the area of the game that involves more high impact contact than any other. By starting youngsters off with a games in which both ball carrier and tackler are on their knees you take the impact out of the collision. No matter how hard they try, players can't get up much pace running on their knees! Tackling technique however remains vital. And players will be able to concentrate more on technique than speed and the dangers of a high speed collision.

Tackling kneeling game. Takes the impact out of the game. Focuses on key principles. Where to put the head, where the head should go. Keep eyes open in the tackle.

A good tackle is also a safe tackle. Side on tackles and front on tackles. Corner tackling game. In a grid.


At under 9 and under 10 level scrums are generally uncontested and players will be new to the whole concept. At this age it is important to make sure players know the basics of the front row, and that you give everyone a go in the scrum, regardless of size and shape.

At such a young age, it's too early to know what size and shape a player will turn out to be!

Shows where to stand, how to bind and what body position to adopt. They will practice quick binding and do everything as they would for real scrums – including the crouch touch pause engage.

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Here are some testimonials from coaches who are using The Contact Academy:

“A fantastic resource which we use week in, week out during rugby season. It is also an essential part of my pre-season planning. The 4x4 and 3x3 games are particularly useful. RPFC U9’s were cup winners at the Windsor Festival beating Richmond by 1 try in the final, Cup winners at Chobham Festival, Cup winners at the Surrey Festival and only lost 2 games all season.” (We also use this resource for our adult social sides training although I haven’t told them were the drills and games are sourced!)."

Richard Brennan, Assistant Head Coach, Rosslyn Park F.C. U9’s

"The Contact Academy DVD has given me the confidence to progress my Teams into the next stages of Rugby. We've moved up together over the last 2 years, and every DVD or manual I've purchased has really helped me with little gems of advice to make each session even more rewarding. But this DVD will prove invaluable at the start of the Season and beyond, as we try to lose the fear and put the fun into tackling!"

Paul Brookes, Head Coach, Bridgwater + Albion RFC (Somerset) U9's

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I'm convinced that The Contact Academy will give you the tools you need to introduce tackling and all the basics for full contact rugby.

If you're coaching Under 8s to Under 10s I am convinced you will find this DVD a real benefit.

If you want to start your youngsters off on the right track with a safe and strong tackle technique, order your copy today.

Yours in rugby

Dan Cottrell,

Editor, Rugby Coach Weekly

P.S. My DVD will allow you to coach with confidence. You can rest assured my sessions are the best way to teach youngsters how to tackle. Get your copy now!

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